Blessings, or May you be blessed!

What is a blessing or what does someone mean in saying blessings to you or may you be blessed?


In life there is a wonderful thing called synchronicity and divine flow. Divine flow is the natural order of the universe manifesting itself in perfect form. This divine flow is what creates synchronicity, the coming together of many components, people and parts to create an event that is in perfect synergy or coherence with natural law or flow. These events feel wonderful and invoke a sense of awe in the working of the universe within us, when we experience them. Often exclaimed by people pronouncing “I feel blessed”.


This Divine flow or synchronicity of wonderful events can also be described as grace. Grace is a beautiful loving and natural force continuously synchronizing the many things in your environment. It is when we are peaceful within ourselves that we can feel and know that this grace is always there. The constant knowing of this grace and acting or not acting – just being – in coherence with the Divine flow is what it means to be blessed.


At the moments when you are working with the Divine flow all of life seems to function seamlessly, so smooth and natural, filled with love. This is what may you be blessed means. May you be totally surrounded and filled with the unconditional loving flow of the universe, may you be in awe of this and enjoy the peace and benefits of being in coherence with the force of grace.


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