What does becoming more Consciousness mean?

You may have heard the word consciousness been used frequently or come across the term becoming more conscious. What does consciousness or becoming more conscious mean in this context?

Consciousness is energy and information, and all things that exist are made up of energy and information. A chair has the consciousness that of a chair, the energy that makes up the foundations of a chair, the wood, the structure, the shape and size, pretty much all the information that the chair holds is its consciousness. A book has the consciousness of a book made up of the writing, the paper and pages the information the writing relays, mass, size and all other information that the whole of the book consists of. That’s information but what gives the information is the vast atoms that are all vibrating at a certain frequency with a particular energy, a particular consciousness.

So everything has its own consciousness the liver in your body, anger, joy or the grass covered football field. All things have energy that relays specific information. Becoming more conscious actually means becoming more aware, taking greater note of the energetic information that is within your own body and of the energetic information that surrounds you, whether it be from people, situations events or objects.

Often what people mean to say when they do say becoming more conscious is to create greater awareness firstly and secondly to create higher or more expansive consciousness.

If all things have energy that provides us with information and these things all vibrate at a certain frequency. Something with higher consciousness will be vibrating with a greater frequency. With reference our emotions – which stands for energy in motion – are more dense or are at a lower vibratory frequency if they are negative for example anger and fear. Emotions such as peace, joy and love are higher vibratory frequencies. So people are speaking of creating greater levels of peace, joy

and love within the mind and body and in their surrounding, when they say becoming more conscious. Love, joy and peace actually make us feel lighter then stress, anger, fear or grief.

Expanding our consciousness or becoming more aware certainly means knowing that we are intimately connected with all things. We are connected to the earth, we are connected to all the animals and people of the earth. When we have more awareness and an expansive consciousness and our very being is resonant with higher vibrational frequencies of peace, love and joy our actions must create peace, love and joy for all living beings, including animals and the earth.


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  1. What a beautiful explanation of such a complex concept. Thank you I so appreciated and enjoyed reading this !

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