Where our minds run to…?

Where Our Minds Run To…?

What dictates what our thoughts focus on? Thoughts attach themselves to the objects and people that surround us. What creates this attachment or shall I say what drives the thoughts in the direction of certain objects or people, is largely desires. This happens continuously and often instantaneously, like a program running on a computer. Example being a man desires a certain woman all he can think about incessantly is this particular woman. If a child desires a toy all they think about is that toy, a woman jewellery, a job or position in the company etc. Our desires are often singular meaning that they only are desired for oneself. When our desires and beliefs are aligned with or are the same as the harmonious desires of the universe our desires are no longer singular but are unified. The desires then hold huge amounts of power as the engine behind them is a whole universe and can be fulfilled with natural ease.

It is therefore important to understand our desires in life and very similarly our intentions behind our actions. Our intentions are the will behind our actions, the reason why or desire for doing something. We can consciously become aware of this and choose compassionate intentions and actions in order to connect with the unified field of universal consciousness. The field itself is extremely intelligent and will direct your thoughts and actions through your intuition in a very peaceful and loving manner to create harmony in your life and in the lives of all living beings around you. The unified field is harmonious and is biased towards love and correct function. We can see this in nature, how it functions beautifully and harmoniously if not interrupted. So in order to be in tune with this loving field we need to purify our intentions, thoughts and actions so that they are loving and compassionate, so that they intend benefit and harmony for all beings and the earth.

Set the intention to connect with the Divine Field. Consciously choose this every moment and you will be filled with joy and love.

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