About Light Healing

About Light Healing

Light Healing by Brent is a combination of integrative healing therapies.

“The healing is performed in connecting with Divine Source and transmitting divine light, this creates the process of releasing limiting patterns. With the release of these patterns ones life changes and the mind-body complex heals. This enhances ones ability to maintain states of joyfulness and inner peace. Life begins to flow with greater ease guided by ones highest self.

The healing includes use of the BodyTalk system. This system is an integrative healing modality on its own. It works by accessing innate or the bodies intelligence to restore communication in the mind-body complex. When there is effective communication in the mind-body the body can naturally heal itself. This effectively releases traumas or events linked with emotions that the mind-body is holding on to or any tensions. Again this works on a subconscious or super-conscious level that is extremely powerful.

Working within the subtle energy systems within and around the body such as the auric field, chakras and energy meridians, the healing raises the client’s personal vibration to greater levels of love and peace releasing old negative lower vibratory frequencies. Boosting the clients ability to heal.

Clients can expect to feel great, joyful and peaceful immediately

Brent Feinberg is an integrative healer and author

Brent Feinberg is an integrative healer and author,
born in Johannesburg South Africa 27 June 1990.

He is a Triple Reiki Master – Reiki Master Usui, Reiki Master Karuna, Reiki Master Lightarian. He started his training in 2004 at the age of 13.

Brent is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Qualified Yoga Teacher. Practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation. Through the many years of experience and studying, he has developed a great understanding of consciousness based health care and wellbeing.


I am dedicated to expanding light and love for all beings through actions of love and compassion. Through coming to know my true self and the joy that lies within me, there is a knowing that we as human-beings and all life have an intricate connection. Through divine love and compassion you can heal yourself and others. Being your true-self is a gift unto the world. Together we can transform ourselves filling the world with love, joy and peace – Brent Feinberg